Most Influential Blogs In The Real Estate Industry You Should Follow

 Most Influential Blogs In The Real Estate Industry You Should Follow   In 2021, you can find a lot of information online. People can teach themselves how to cook, how to change a motor on a car in their garage, and undoubtedly you can learn everything there is to know about today’s real estate industry. Residential, commercial real estate is never been more competitive. CRE professionals...

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What Is The Difference Between The Assessed and Market Value of My Home?

The selling price of a property is often the main topic debated between home buyers and sellers. Market property values are never set in stone. Many factors will contribute to the fluctuation of market values. Whether you are in the market as a buyer or a seller, you will often hear those terms thrown around in the conversation; a home’s assessed value and market value. Although some may think both...

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How is The Market in Nelson Right Now?

Continuing on the high demand and low supply trend, the Nelson real estate market will continue to see houses price rises and a supply of listings remaining low. Homes in the West Kootenay's area are selling for the initial listing prices, with even several houses going for a higher price than what it was listed for with multiple offers scenarios happening more and more. The President of Kootenay...

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