Most Influential Blogs In The Real Estate Industry You Should Follow

 Most Influential Blogs In The Real Estate Industry You Should Follow


In 2021, you can find a lot of information online. People can teach themselves how to cook, how to change a motor on a car in their garage, and undoubtedly you can learn everything there is to know about today’s real estate industry.

Residential, commercial real estate is never been more competitive. CRE professionals are constantly finding new ways of improving themselves and adapting to new trends and technologies available in the real estate market.

Blogs can be an effective way of staying informed and up to date, regardless of the subjects. We’ve gathered a curated list of the most relevant real estate blogs available for you now.


One of the fastest-growing real estate blogs in Canada, Better Dwelling provides an assortment of unique content on real estate news focusing primarily on the Toronto and Vancouver area. They have a forum where you can ask specific questions and get answered by industries professionals.


Zillow is a blog specializing in giving consumers honest answers to the most asked questions for today’s homebuyers. This consumer’s focused blog covers topics such as how to build home equity, current legislation affecting homeownership and how to properly choose a realtor.


Keller’s blog focuses on the other side of the transaction and helps real estate agents on how to grow their business. The art of leads-gathering, personal branding and gives tips on how to market yourself in this ever so competitive industry. Inspire yourself from the hand-curated TED talks on Keller Williams’s blog about current real estate regulation and first-hand experienced world-renowned agents.


Another great blog aimed at real estate agents and investors. Dubbed the one-stop shop for industry news, Housing Wire covers the intricacies of various trends on finance, interest rates and current regulations. Help your clients make educated decisions by providing valuable information on the market.


Forbes is offering unique, hand-curated insights into global real estate markets, financial advice for homebuyers and sellers.


If you need ideas for your new home project that will yield the best return possible on your investors, take a look at this blog. Great information on how to combat clutter in your current home, the ins and outs of home staging and much more.


Fox’s self-titled blog gives authentic advice to fellow real estate agents on how to manage homebuyer’s expectations and how to properly reach younger homebuyers. You can expect practical marketing tips that are valuable and field-tested.


Estate Block is a Vancouver-based real estate blog providing valuable information on the ups and downs of the pacific city market conditions. Detail-oriented content gives consumers tons of value for realtors and homebuyers.


Josie Stern gives expert advice on every subject related to real estate. Stern’s is helping clients has an assortment of expert articles about everything related to real estate. Every topic highlighted in her blog is usually explained in great detail making it easy even for inexperienced buyers and sellers to understand the concepts. Josie usually interacts quite a bit with her readers in the comment section.


Vancouver realtor Jay Banks merges real estate advice with professional photography. Showcasing Vancouver’s heritage buildings that played a significant part in the city’s history as well as being used in various movies and tv shows. Visit his social media for more publications of stunning pictures and real estate-related articles.


The recipient of the 2017 SUTTON National Award of Excellence provides consumers with an extremely resourceful blog comprising of subjects teaching the first-time buyers the ins and outs of the market and directing more experienced buyers to new heights with concise informative articles. Blogs such as “Embracing Technology as a buyer&seller and how to’s for house hunting and many real estate topics.


This is a hub of useful resources aiming at educating new real estate agents by helping them learn how to gain traction in a competitive market and growing a successful real estate business. Topics such as increasing your productivity, investment opportunity, the management of your business finance and how to identity the key points of making a real estate transaction successful.

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