7 Things Every Real Estate Agent Needs To Master

7 Things Every Real Estate Agent Needs To Master


Starting a new career can be an exciting process. Whether you start on your own or for an agency, real estate offers the same excitement to beginners — you want to impress clients, gain leads and secure sales. What skills should you prioritize as you begin your career and which best practices will help you obtain and retain many clients?

Learning how to be an excellent agent is straightforward. Pay attention to how others navigate the market trends, make yourself stand out from the competition, and build personal connections with buyers. Here are 10 aspects of real estate to consider as you start your new career journey:


Branding – awareness marketing

Branding or awareness marketing is an important skill you need to get recognized by luxury customers and mom-and-dad-type clientele. The direct response method involves calling immediate action while brand marketing involves taking your brand to the top of your client’s mind. For direct response marketing, popular among mid-market real estate, it involves producing newspaper ads, Facebook & Google ads, and social networking.

However, in the luxury real estate segment, you must aim to focus more energy to create a brand by using strategies such as supermarket carts or billboards to properly spread brand awareness. To sell luxury real estate property, you must first sell yourself as an agent who offers unparalleled services in your area and business segment.



Request your most satisfied clients to spread the word about the effectiveness of your service. Effectiveness can include how personable you are as an agent, how easy you can be reached at any time of the day, etc. Reward the customers with discounts or freebies each time they bring customers to you. Referrals are a crucial part of early success for an agent starting out. Nurture and maintain those relationships with your first few clients as it can pay big time down the line.


Digital Advertising

Marketing luxury properties or mid-price homes require that you engage your prospective clients, which also involves creating a personal brand. Digital advertising allows you to create a one-on-one relationship with your new prospects. To market your high-end real estate, you’ll need to realign your digital strategy to engage with your potential new luxury clientele.

Your clients must be able to see your website and web pages as “the Luxury Real Estate page.” Make your online presence known to the correct audience to maximize your advertising budget. Ensure that your name, face, and business link become familiar as your ads spread. Drive traffic to your website and make sure your website is properly built and SEO optimized to be ranked by search engines.


Consider taking on a mentor when you start your career. Shadowing someone else and learning from their transactions and daily duties and how they operate will help you determine how you should approach your own career. Educate yourself on the essential terms and basic knowledge of home-selling. Ask your mentor as many questions as possible like, what steps they take to find success with clients, including time management and marketing strategies. Their experience offers a world of help and will potentially fast-forward your career years ahead.


Open Houses

Open houses are a great tool in a real estate agent arsenal that attracts leads and gives you a chance to show your real estate knowledge while showcasing a current listing. Scout for home sellers by advertising your services and surveying homes. Try and contact your previous clients and referrals for potential candidates for open houses. Once you have a place secured, spread the word, make some phone calls to your active buyers, post on all your social media platforms, and prepare the abode for incoming visitors. Experiment with methods such as virtual staging, live streaming, and Instagram Story promotion to get more people in the door. No wrong methods, so stay open-minded and keep track so you can double-down on your most effective tactics.


Blogging content strategy

Experts have revealed that blog marketing is used as a process that either advertises or highlights real estate property, service, or brand via a blog or content medium. Blog marketing strategy involves clever ads placement on blogs, reviews, and recommendations by the blogger. Blogging marketing strategy to a great extent can also include promotions of various affiliate services and business partners. By blogging, you allow various strategies, such as viral marketing, to become keys to success. It has been seen as a fantastic real estate marketing opportunity.

Through content marketing strategy, investors employ an effective method by producing a dynamic document that showcases available property.


Listing Photos

Consider hiring a professional photographer to take listing photos. Think about it as an investment instead of a business expense. These pictures are the first things people see and arguably one of the best sales tools you have available. The typical client doesn’t want to encounter low-quality, outdated images, and will certainly lower your conversion rate. Unprofessional photos affect their perception of your business and the home, which costs you leads. Though it’s tempting to take pictures on your own with your smartphone device, invest in the use of a professional photographer for your new listings pictures.

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